Creating an Archive of Central American Experiences in the D.M.V.: The Art of Veronica Melendez

T​his​ session features Salvadoran-Guatemalan-American photographer and illustrator Veronica Melendez, from Washington, D.C.​ Melendez has been featured in venues such as Remezcla, Mitu, and NPR’s Alt Latino for casting light on Central American artistic production in the D.C. metropolitan area––​or, in shorthand,… Read More


Montaged Spaces, Literary Journalism, and Urgency

“Montaged Spaces, Literary Journalism, and Urgency” is the third Podcast from the South, spotlighting Stephanie Elizondo Griest, memoirist, travel writer, and chronicler of the borderlands. Elizondo Griest is also Assistant Professor and Margaret R. Shuping Fellow of Creative Nonfiction at… Read More


Scripting the Cuban Nation from Manhattan

This second podcast features Nancy Raquel Mirabal, Associate Professor in the Department of American Studies and the Director of  the U.S. Latina/o Studies Program at the University of Maryland, College Park. Professor Mirabal is the author of Suspect Freedoms: The… Read More


LatinX Evacuations, TPS, and the Shithouse

A photograph by artist R. Galvan prominently features a custom rubber stamp from 2017. The piece is titled “Administrative Care” and shows a hand about to continuously imprint this query: “Why did you come to the United States?” This is… Read More